Flexible Options

Legal representation at an affordable price

Attorney Fees

Making it Easy to Afford Superior Legal Representation

The thought of high attorney fees is the main reason people decide against hiring an attorney. They think that they can’t afford one. This may be the case at some firms. However, at Sawl Law Group, depending on the case, we can offer clients flexible options to pay for their legal fees or offer legal representation on a contingency.

Criminal Defense – Flexibility

Sawl Law Group understands that most people are not able to afford a full, up-front payment for criminal defense representation. That doesn’t change the fact that you still need highly qualified legal representation. While each client’s circumstances are unique and the type of services offered may vary, we can often accept a down payment and work out a fair monthly payment with you to ensure that they you can afford the representation of a lawyer from our firm.

Personal Injury – Contingencies

The outcome of any personal injury case hinges on the skill set of the attorney representing you. Don’t accept less than competent representation because you don’t think you can afford it. Sawl Law Group is confident in our ability to spot personal injury cases that warrant a contingency agreement. All you have to do is reach out and give us the details of your case to find out if your case qualifies.

To learn what we could do for you, complete our online evaluation or call our offices for a consultation. We would love to speak with you and help you determine a legal course of action.