The Advantages of Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys

With 40 years of combined criminal defense experience, Sawl Law Group has the skill and credibility necessary to deliver the high-quality representation every defendant deserves. From drug charges and DUIs, to domestic violence and homicides, we’ve been there and defended that!

Credibility Matters

When negotiating with prosecutors is the best route, it helps to have a well-respected attorney. Our firm has Criminal Defense Attorneys with a solid understanding of our Fresno area District Attorneys, and we will get you the best deal possible. We understand the area courts, and the prosecutors know they are up against the best should the case go to trial. When we take a case to trial, our defendants get a fair trial with a top-notch defense.

Due Process of Law

The concept of due process goes back, at least, to the Magna Carta.  The phrase “due process of law” comes from a 1354 statue of King Edward III. Despite this history, due process violations still go unchecked in all too many criminal court proceedings. This is a serious issue as violations of due process may be grounds for evidence suppression or dismissing charges altogether.

It takes experienced and confident defense teams to recognize and reverse actions that violate Due Process.

Experienced Attorneys Understand the Possibilities

It’s difficult to understate the importance of an experienced legal team when facing criminal charges. Do you really want to put your, or loved ones, freedom and livelihood in the hands of a green attorney with a fly-by-night firm? We didn’t think so.

With Sawl Law Group, you won’t be left wondering what could have been if you’d only skipped over that smooth talking green lawyer who promised the world but didn’t have the experienced team to deliver the best result. Get in touch with us for the experienced Criminal Defense Attorney you need.