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Are you facing charges of a drug crime? Consult with our Visalia drug crime defense lawyers at Sawl Law Group as soon as possible. With more than four decades of combined experience, we can help you argue that the drugs in question were not yours or help you avoid harsh penalties and a criminal record by making sure you enter a diversion program. Our firm could provide knowledgeable and skilled legal representation to gather the necessary evidence and present a strong defense to prove your innocence.

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Drug Crimes in California

California is renowned for its high rate of drug trafficking, possession, and distribution. No matter what drug crime it may be, it is likely to be prevalent in our state – not to mention harshly punished.

The penalties for drug crimes in California are classified by schedules. Schedule I drugs (heroin, hallucinogens, opiates, and marijuana) have a high potential for abuse and no valid medical use, while Schedule IV and V drugs (prescription medications like diazepam and zolpidem, as well as low doses of codeine in cough medicine) have a low potential for abuse and widely accepted medical use.

The following are the sections of the California Health & Safety Code for certain drug crimes, as well as their penalties:

  • Drug Possession (§ 11350) - One year in county jail, $1,000 fine, or community service for first offense and more years in jail, $2,000 fine, or community service for a second or subsequent offense.

  • Possession for Sale (§ 11351) - Imprisonment for two, three or four years; or a sentence of three, four or five years for possession of cocaine for sale.

  • Distribution, Transportation & Trafficking (§ 11352) - Imprisonment for three, four or five years; or a sentence of three, six or nine years for transporting drugs from one noncontiguous county to another

Recreational Marijuana Laws

Recreational marijuana in California is legal for adults who are at least 21 years old. However, possession of over 28.5 grams of cannabis by a person 18 years of age or older is considered a misdemeanor. Having an open container in a vehicle can lead to an infraction and possibly a DUI arrest.

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