If you or a loved one has been abused physically, mentally, emotionally or financially at the hands of another individual, don’t hesitate to hire an elder abuse lawyer to represent you in a lawsuit. The sooner you act, the more time your attorney is afforded to strengthen your case, so contact the Sawl Law Group today.

Understanding & Recognizing Elder Abuse

As a person grows older, it often becomes more and more difficult for them to care for themselves or defend themselves from physical and mental abuse. This has become such a problem over the years that the California government has passed legislature against such behavior. Elder abuse is outlawed in California Penal Code § 368-368.5, where it states that elders must be protected much like children due to:

  • Confusion
  • Various medications
  • Mental or physical impairment

How Sawl Law Group Can Help

Without an experienced lawyer on your side, you stand little chance of obtaining the maximum amount of compensation for your case. A Fresno personal injury lawyer will have the knowledge and experience to know exactly how much you deserve and will stop at nothing until that amount has been recovered. Our legal team has handled personal injury cases for more than 15 years and is prepared to provide excellent representation in your case.

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