Bicycle Accident Lawyer

A person crossing the street or riding a bike is virtually unprotected when struck by a motor vehicle. Even at relatively low speed, the impact often results in severe injury or death. But despite the victim’s significant pain, disabilities and economic losses, drivers
usually deny responsibility and insurance companies try to limit the compensation. When you hire a bicycle accident lawyer at Sawl Law Group we stand up for you rights as a victim of bicycle or pedestrian accidents. We work to establish liability, if it is contested, and to make sure that the monetary damages cover the medical care, lost earnings and lasting disability.

Victims of a bicycle crash or pedestrian accident sometimes think they can’t collect compensation if they were out of the crosswalk or riding their bike in the street. These are not necessarily a barrier to suing for damages if the motorist was negligent or saw the victim and failed to slow down or yield.

Sawl Law Group can recover damages for wrongful death and for major injuries common in a bike wreck or crosswalk accident, such as permanent brain injury, multiple broken bones, back injuries and internal injuries. Our firm commits the resources to determine your appropriate compensation, and we are willing to go to trial to fight the insurance companies for it. Your initial consultation is absolutely free, so contact our offices today or fill out our online evaluation form. We look forward to reviewing your legal options with you.