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Why a DUI Is Something That You Should Take Seriously

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Driving under the influence is a big deal! Yet, there are some people out there who do not realize the seriousness of DUIs. They are much more serious than the average traffic ticket so it is vital to work with an attorney who can help navigate both the criminal court system and the DMV administrative system.

You Could Lose Your License

For many clients asked what scares them most about their DUI, it is the prospect of losing their driver’s license. The idea of not having your driver’s license for lengthy periods of time can be incredibly upsetting. After all, you count on being able to drive to and from work and countless other appointments and responsibilities. You can lose your license as a result of a DUI conviction. Your attorney can provide you information on obtaining a restricted license (that allows driving to/from work) and protecting your auto insurance rates as much as possible.

 You Could Face Jail Time and High Fines

It might seem strange to think about actually serving jail time for a misdemeanor DUI, but it can happen. To avoid a loss of your freedom and maintain your ability to work and be available for your family, it is critical to work with an attorney that is familiar with the alternative programs that can be utilized in lieu of serving actual jail time.

In addition to possible jail time, fines for DUIs can cost you thousands of dollars. Many courts, however, allow fines to be made in manageable payments or even converted to community service hours. Talk to an attorney and ask them how they can help minimize the financial harm that results for a DUI conviction.

If you are looking for legal representation that you can count on during this difficult time in your life, contact us at Sawl Law today.