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3 Helpful Tools for Finding a Local Personal Injury Lawyer…

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Have you been injured in an accident that was someone else’s fault? Have you been hurt by a defective product?  Under state personal injury laws, you may be entitled to compensation if you are hurt as a result of another person or company’s negligent, reckless or deliberate actions. To ensure that your case ends up in the right hands you need to a find a Personal Injury Lawyer. Most lawyers who specialize in personal injury law tend to represent a particular side of these kinds of cases,  the person who was injured or the person, business, or other entity who is alleged to have caused the plaintiff’s injury, never both.

With injury cases, things can get tricky pretty fast. You may not know what the other party’s available liability insurance coverage is, and the adjuster may not reveal those limits.  You also need to know that soft tissue injuries are difficult to “prove up” in an objective medical sense before a jury. The patient complains of pain but there are no broken bones on an x-ray and no torn ligaments that will show up on an imaging scan. A jury can be persuaded that the plaintiff’s complaints of neck or back pain are contrived to take advantage of the accident and “get something for nothing.” In these cases, which are by no means infrequent, it makes sense to get a personal injury attorney to make sure you get a fair resolution. No matter what the case is we want to give you 3 basic tips on how to find the best local Personal Injury Lawyer.

  1. Look at biographical information, including whatever you can find online. Do this lawyer appear to have expertise in connection with your particular kind of personal injury claim? Do they have any information on their website that is helpful to you?
  2. Contact your state bar association or visit their website to find out if the lawyer you are researching is in good standing.
  3. Check out the online archives of your local newspaper. Has there been any publicity about the lawyer or the cases that he or she has handled? This is particularly likely if the attorney has handled high profile cases.

Finally, you should always aim to choose a local personal injury attorney. These professionals understand your local environment, and how town or city laws work in that specific area and affect case proceedings.

Typically, local offices are also more involved in individual cases and handle cases with more passion for success than regional, unattached firms.

Call today to speak with one of our Fresno injury lawyers and find out how we can help.