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What to Expect During a Personal Injury Consultation

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If you experienced an injury recently, you’ll likely meet with a personal injury attorney for a consultation. You might feel nervous about the meeting but you don’t have to. The lawyer is there to assist you in winning your case. Although the attorney has a thorough understanding of personal injury laws in your California, it’s important that you be transparent about your injuries and the events of the accident with your lawyer. Here are some additional things to expect during the consultation.

What You Need to Bring to the Consultation 

If you already have them, you should bring police reports from the accident, photos of any vehicles or dangerous conditions that contributed to the accident, witness statements, and any medical records related to the injuries you suffered. This will help the lawyer have a better understanding of the severity of the injuries. These items are also some of the evidence used to show the insurer that their client is at fault. If you don’t have that information, don’t worry. The lawyer will ultimately obtain all of it. Just be prepared to be as descriptive as possible when answering the lawyer’s questions.

Questions the Lawyer Might Ask

During the consultation, be prepared to answer some important questions from your lawyer. In addition to knowing everything you recall about the accident, the attorney will want to know if others know about the accident. If so, be ready to provide names and contact information so the lawyer can follow up with that person. The attorney also needs whatever information you have for any witnesses to the accident, where you received your medical treatment and contact information for the other party’s insurance company.

Questions You Should Ask Your Lawyer

Feel free to ask about the lawyer’s previous track record in representing personal injury clients. Also, ask who the attorney’s legal assistant and associate attorney are. They will be your contacts throughout your case. Ask how the case will be funded. In other words, are you expected to pay any monies up front to bring your claim or lawsuit? Ask about the attorney’s fees. What percentage of the final resolution goes to the attorney for their work on the case?

The Lawyer Will Explain Your Rights

It is important for you, as the client, to understand the process – both during the pre-litigation and litigation phases of your case. This gives you a better understanding of what will happen during the case and can help reduce any confusion.

In conclusion, your personal injury consultation might seem intimidating at first. However, armed with the above-mentioned information, you will be at ease and able to focus on winning your case.

If you need excellent representation for your personal injury case, contact us.  Sawl Law Group will work hard to ensure that you receive rightful compensation.