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When Family Issues Turn Criminal, You Need a Defense Attorney!

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During the tremendously stressful times of separation, divorce, child custody, estate, and other family matters, sometimes incidents escalate into the realm of criminal defense. While you may be represented by a family law or probate attorney — and hopefully, you like them very much — criminal cases are a completely separate area of the law. If you are accused of a criminal matter, you need excellent, expert criminal defense attorneys on your team.

A criminal case is different from civil matters for several reasons, though as you will see, they can overlap. With criminal cases, Constitutional issues are involved. Your ability to keep or obtain employment in the future for certain types of jobs can be jeopardized with criminal charges, even if you receive a Not Guilty finding. Your professional licenses — everything from a cab driver, home contractor and medical — can be revoked. Finally, but most importantly: with criminal cases, your freedom is at risk!

If you are the executor of an estate and are accused of mishandling the assets or misappropriation of funds, you need a criminal defense attorney. Their expertise in sorting out and defending these types of financial cases will serve to protect you against unfounded and dangerous claims.

Domestic Violence complaints can be made against people in a dating relationship, even if they never lived together. Don’t let what may have been a misunderstanding balloon into serious charges without having proper representation to preserve evidence, lockdown witness testimony and investigate all aspects of the case. Many people don’t realize that Domestic Violence charges can even arise from non-physical actions: making someone reasonably afraid, harassing, stalking or disturbing someone’s peace, are all illegal.

Also, you may be a caretaker of an elderly or vulnerable adult. If you’re accused of physical abuse, neglect, financial abuse, isolation, abduction or deprivation of things/services the adult needs, you need the expertise of a criminal defense attorney. If you find yourself in any of these situations, contact us.