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Distracted Driving Is a Crime for Which You Don’t Want to Do Time.

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Though you may have the best of intentions, a moment of thoughtlessness can change your life forever. Today’s cars weigh over 2 tons. When you drive, you need to be in control because your vehicle, clearly, has the power to kill if operated poorly. It’s hard enough to drive under the best of circumstances, with such factors as road conditions, weather and others’ unknown skills. Critical decisions must be made in a millisecond. It’s understandable that the law comes down hard on those who choose to not give all of their attention to the task at hand: the crime is called Distracted Driving and it’s serious.

There are many forms of distracted driving, but the one most familiar to the general public is speaking on, or reading, a handheld cell phone. The same things that make cell phones so interesting and addictive are exactly what can cause accidents: choices of music, videos, messages, and emails. If you think about the destruction and mayhem that a second’s glance on the phone can cause, you’ll readily return to the days when we didn’t have smartphones. That’s exactly what lawmakers hoped when they enacted the distracted driving laws.

Cell phones are not the only potentially lethal distractions out there! Glancing down to change radio stations, glancing up to check your makeup in the mirror can both take your focus off the road. Eating and drinking, with the effort needed to not drip on yourself, can also contribute to distracted driving.

Even your passengers can be dangerously distracting: little kids who are yelling or even partners picking a fight can destroy your ability to concentrate. It’s important to set boundaries for everyone’s safety.

If you do find yourself facing Distracted Driving charges, it’s critical to have experienced representation. Contact us here!