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What to Do After You Have Been Arrested

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Getting arrested is scary and stressful. Following these tips, if you have been arrested will let the process go smoother. Not only will it be smoother, but these, along with a good Criminal Defense Attorney in Fresno, will maximize your chances of fighting your charges in court.

  1. Be polite

Don’t give the officer reason to charge you with additional crimes by resisting or mouthing off to law enforcement. Be attentive, courteous, and follow their directions.

  1. Ask why you are being arrested

You, legally, have the right to know why you are being arrested. Remember what the officer tells you and tell your Criminal Defense Attorney everything you remember.

  1. Get officer’s name and badge number

You may not have a way to write this down so remember it the best that you can.

  1. Don’t let them in

Police officers cannot search your car or home without your permission or a search warrant. So, do not let them in. If they tell you there is a search warrant, ask to see the document. If they cannot produce if for you, do not let them in your home until you see it.

Also, if you are arrested at home and the officer asks you if you want to go inside your home and freshen up or change before going into booking, don’t do it. This is a sneaky way for them to gain access to your house.

  1. Don’t talk

Do not talk without an attorney present. Officers are skilled interviewers. Don’t accidentally give them information to use against you. The best way to do this is to remain silent. Please, don’t talk!

  1. Demand an attorney

If they are trying to question you without an attorney present, demand an attorney. It is your right to have legal representation if you are being questioned. Your attorney will know what to do to help your case. They will not let you accidentally give information that would hurt you. Make sure to choose the right attorney when dealing with cases that can potentially have a huge effect on your future.

  1. If hurt, seek medical attention

If you get hurt while being arrested or prior to being arrested, ask for medical attention. You want to get this as soon as possible so none of your injuries worsen.

  1. Tell your lawyer the truth

This is very important. Tell your attorney everything you know and can remember whether you think it is insignificant or not. Your attorney will be able to create a stronger case with the more information they have. Additionally, you don’t want any surprises later. Your lawyer will know what to look for and what can be used in your defense.

Following this advice, if you’ve been arrested will help your Criminal Defense Attorney in Fresno get your case started in a positive manner.

If you know you need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Fresno, we will fight for you. Call us today and let’s get started on your case.