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There is no question. As soon as you become aware through a summons, warrant, arrest, or another manner that you are (or maybe) charged with a crime, that’s the moment you should retain a criminal defense attorney in Fresno. Precious and fragile evidence that could exonerate you, fresh-in-mind witness accounts and strategies cannot wait. Though it’s a scary time in your life, do not let fear prevent you from making this vital decision immediately!  Sawl Law Group has a combined experience of 40 years in both State and Federal criminal cases. We are a highly qualified criminal defense attorney in Fresno and handle these types of cases daily!

Our free consultations will allow you to put your mind at ease with our know-how and compassion. Whether you’re charged with a DUI, theft, drug cases, assaults, domestic violence, homicide, robbery or any other crime, we will be part of your team and will aggressively represent your interests. When arguing before the court for a bail reduction, interviewing witnesses, contacting scientific experts, or using our skills in a jury trial, you’ll feel confident that you’re correct and responsibly addressing matters that will impact the rest of your life.

The lawyers at Sawl Law Group will assist you in quickly obtaining the critical documents that you’ll need to mount a strong defense: statements of probable cause, witness statements, photos, criminal records, and if necessary, expert analysis.

At Sawl Law Group, you will be treated with the utmost respect by attorneys and staff. Every case is important to us, you will experience our genuine compassion in championing your rights and reputation. You’ll feel confident with our professionalism and attention to detail. Contact one of the Criminal Defense Attorneys in Fresno at the Sawl Law Group Today!