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4 Important Tips to Remember If You Get in a Motorcycle Accident

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The roar of the motorcycle engine, the warmth of the sun on your face, the breeze pushing you farther down the highway, all make for a fantastic day. There is something exhilarating about riding a motorcycle. However, being on a bike always puts you at a disadvantage. Other vehicles cannot see motorcyclists as well and this makes them more apt to be injured in a motorcycle accident. When motorists change lanes without signaling or fail to check their blind spot, accidents can happen. If you should ever get in an accident while driving a motorcycle, here are 4 things to keep in mind.

Don’t remove your helmet

Authorities advise motorcyclists not to remove their helmet when in an accident unless absolutely necessary. Wait for the ambulance to arrive to make sure there are no head, neck, or spinal injuries. If you remove the helmet, there is a chance you could aggravate a problem.

Get checked out

Even if you think you are ok and the accident wasn’t too bad, it’s important to have a physician check you out thoroughly. In addition, if the doctor says you are alright, monitor your situation for the next several weeks. Some injuries may not be noticeable right away.

File all necessary paperwork

Make sure you fill out all the reports needed for the police and your insurance company. With the insurance company, you may need to call or handle the claim online. Your insurance will likely be able to cover some or all of your vehicle damages.

Obtain a free case evaluation

No matter how minor or extensive your injuries are, you should check with an attorney regarding the motorcycle accident. Get a free case evaluation to see if you are eligible for monetary compensation for damages. According to personal injury law, individuals in an accident can collect money for pain and suffering as well as loss of work and more. Determining your options is important.

At Sawl Law, our dedicated attorneys are committed to pursuing compensation for your injuries. Our winning record speaks for itself. Contact us for more information and to receive a free case evaluation.