Best Things To Do After a Car Accident

Car accidents in Fresno are scary no matter how small they are. In addition to pain and suffering, your injuries could also result in time off work. We want you to take the right steps necessary to protect yourself.


Here are a few things you should definitely do after an accident:


  1. Exchange information

This is pretty basic and many people know it but still forget to do with the stress, shock, and adrenaline surrounding a collision. You want to get the other driver’s:

  • Name and Address
  • Driver’s license number and state that issued it
  • License plate number and state
  • Insurance information
  • Complete contact information for any witnesses to the accident

We recommend getting a picture of each of these things along with writing it down. That way, you have it stored in two places. You also have photographic proof (in case you write something down incorrectly).


  1. Take GOOD pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words so take clear images of the damage done to both vehicles and, preferably, where the collision occurred. This will be helpful when you explain things that happened later to your insurance carrier or an attorney. It will also give a clear picture to anybody who needs to see and understand what happened.

If the collision happened at night, use a flash and take photos right after the accident. Do the best you can. Taking the photos at night (even if on a different date) will give the best indication of what the lighting was at the time of the accident. If necessary, also take pictures the next morning.


  1. Notify the police

This one is not always necessary but is a good idea in some instances. For example, if you feel unsafe or unsure, if the other driver is not cooperating, or if somebody seems, or is, injured.


  1. Seek medical attention

You won’t always feel pain immediately following a collision. Whether it is right after the impact, a few hours after, or even a few days after, seek medical attention if you are in pain! You need to get treated just like any other injury.


  1. Keep track of all your bills

Get a folder to keep all your bills in one place. You will want these later no matter what. If you think an expense is related to the accident, save whatever documents or receipts you receive in your folder. Complete financial proof can help an attorney get you a reimbursement for all your expenses related to the accident.


  1. Get an estimate for your car

Your insurance company may have a body shop or mechanic they work with. Work with your insurance company and they will help you receive monies for the property damage caused to you in the collision.


  1. Do not settle or sign anything

Some insurance companies might try to settle an accident claim quickly. Don’t sign anything without consulting an attorney. Although you think you may be able to handle the accident claim alone, the other driver’s insurance company does not have your best interest at heart. They want to save money and will not offer you the amount you may deserve.


  1. Get an accident attorney

If you have been involved in a car accident in Fresno, many insurance companies would rather deal with you and your insurance company because they are more likely to settle for less. An attorney will help you get the settlement you deserve and can guide you through the process. You will feel more secure with an attorney on your side.

If you have recently been in a car accident (or Motorcycle accident) and have questions or wish to hire an attorney, we are here to help you. With over twenty years of combined experience, our team will be there to fight for you. Call us today!